Revolution!: Ireland and Russia in the wake of 1917 Maynooth University, Ireland, Friday 28 April 2017

Maynooth University, Ireland, is hosting a symposium on Ireland and Russia ‘in the wake of 19117’:

One hundred years after the Russian Revolution of 1917, this event explores its effects on Irish political and cultural history. How did those at opposite ends of Europe view their contemporary revolutionary periods? What political lessons and strategies did the Irish Left take from the events of 1917 during subsequent years? How were new ideas, styles and techniques in writing and art, generated during the early, hopeful, years of Soviet society, absorbed into Irish literary and visual culture? What traffic in ideas and people occurred between these two societies in their revolutionary periods and during the grim interwar decades?

Speakers from universities and institutions in Ireland, Britain and Europe will address the effect of the Russian Revolution on revolutionary politics, literary culture, and on film and the visual arts in Ireland.

Plenary speaker: Dr Ben Levitas (Goldsmiths, University of London)

Speakers: Maurice Casey (University of Oxford); Dr Barbara Dawson (Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane); Paul O’Brien (biographer of Sean O’Casey); Dr Eimear O’Connor (Trinity College Dublin); Dr Donal Ó Drisceoil (University College Cork); Barra Ó Séaghdha (Dublin City University); Dr Stephanie Schwerter (Université de Valenciennes); Professor Helena Sheehan (Dublin City University)

Organising Committee: Dr Michael G. Cronin, Dr Conor McCarthy, Dr Guy Woodward

Venue: An Foras Feasa Seminar Room, 2nd Floor, Iontas Building, Maynooth University



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