Claire Warden

Claire WaClaire Wardenrden is Senior Lecturer in Drama at the University of Lincoln. Her work predominantly focuses on the intersections between theatre, literature, visual art, film, music and dance, especially during the early to mid twentieth century. She is particularly interested in reassessing British theatre history through the lens of interdisciplinarity and the modernist avant-garde. The live intervention of the human body is central to her studies and unites her work on modernism with her investigations in contemporary performance, particularly in the professional wrestling ring and on the modern rock stage. She is now working on ‘Migrating Modernist Performance: British theatrical travels through Russia’, a British Academy-funded project that focuses on a range of British practitioners and companies who travelled across to Russia during the first half of the twentieth century in the hope of finding a vibrant theatre scene.

Relevant publications

We are here to Salute the Red Army”: Basil Dean and his Russian adventures’ Theatre Survey, 54 (3), pp. 347–366

British avant-garde theatre (Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan, 2012)

‘Moscow, St Petersburg, London: Hubert Griffith and the search for a Russian truth’, Comparative Drama (Spring 2015)


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