Gerald Smith

G SmithG.S. Smith is Professor Emeritus of Russian in the University of Oxford and an Emeritus Fellow of New College. He is the author of D.S.Mirsky: An Russian-English Life, 1890-1939 (OUP, 2000) and separately published a good deal of the primary materials (letters, etc) on which the book is based. He continues to work on Mirsky-related topics. He recently contributed an introduction to a substantial collection of articles and reviews by Mirsky, most of them newly translated from English: D.P.Mirskii, Nesobrannoe (Stat’i i retsenzii o literature i kul’ture 1922-1937), sost., podg.teksta, primech. O.A.Korosteleva i M.V.Efimova, predislovie Dzh.Smita, Moscow: NLO, 2014. He is currently working on an edition of Mirsky’s letters to Marguerite Caetani concerning the journal Commerce (1924-1932), edited by Sophie Levie, to be published by the Fondazione Caetani in Rome.

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