Katya Rogatchevskaia

Katya RogKatya Rogatchevskaiaatchevskaia is Lead Curator, East European Collections at the British Library. She joined the BL in 2003. Previously she had taught various courses related to Russian literature, language and culture at Russian State University for Humanities (Moscow), Glasgow and Edinburgh Universities, and had worked as a research fellow at the Institute of World Literature (Moscow). From 2006 to 2013 she was review editor, Solanus: International Journal for Russian and East European Bibliographic, Library and Publishing Studies. She was also associate editor of ‘The Book in the Slavonic and the East European World’ for Oxford Companion for the Book, ed. by Michael Suarez and HW Woudhuysen (OUP, 2010), and from 2011,  chair of COSEELIS (Council for Slavonic and East European Library and Information Services).

Recent publications

‘UK-Russian Relations: Through the British Library Looking Glass’, Society for Co-operation in Russian and Soviet Studies Digest, Autumn 2014, pp. 9–12.

‘“Mark Aldanov v zhurnale Sovremennye Zapiski”, in Vokrug redaktsionnogo arkhiva “Sovremennykh zapisok,” Parizh, 1920-1940: sbornik stateĭ i materialov /’ pod red. O. Korosteleva, M. Shruby. Moscow: Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie, 2010.

Sovremennye zapiski, s kotorymi ia tak sviazan”… M.A. Aldanov’ (publication and commentaries), in ‘Sovremennye zapiski’ [Parizh, 1920-1940]: iz arkhiva redaktsii / pod red. O. Korosteleva, M. Shruby. Vol.2. Moscow: Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie, 2012, pp. 32-132.

‘Don’t Panic: Reading literature in the Digital Age’ in: The Edge of the Precipice Why Read Literature in the Digital Age? (ed. Paul Socken) McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2013, pp. 192-206.

‘”The most important books which, I would strongly recommend to acquire” <…> : Petr Kropotkin and Vladimir Burtsev in correspondence with the British Museum Library’ in eBLJ 2013, article 9.

‘The Russian collections at the British Museum Library and the British Museum staff: materials of the British Library corporate archives, 1860s-1920s’, in Solanus, New Series, vol. 23, 2013, pp. 64-102.

‘Foreign donations and acquisitions suggestions in the British Library collections: a case of self-promotion or an attempt at cultural and ideological infiltration? (A Russian case study)’ in: Migrating Heritage : Experiences of Cultural Networks and Cultural Dialogue in Europe (ed. Perla Innocenti), Ashgate, 2014, pp. 255-266.


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