Martina Ciceri

Martina Ciceri_photoMartina Ciceri is a doctoral student at Sapienza – University of Rome. She is currently working on her PhD thesis, entitled ‘Anglo-Russian Aesthetics Transactions in late Victorian and Edwardian England’.

Calling attention to the notions of publicity and counter-culture, her research focuses on the impact the Russian emigration of the 1880s had on English cultural and literary life, and on how it triggered the creation of a distinctive Anglo-Russian cosmopolitan community. A central part of her thesis concerns the literary offshoots such Anglo-Russian encounters fostered, from Salome Hocking’s Tolstoyan romance Belinda the Backward (1905) to Olive Garnett’s In Russia’s Night (1918). Specific attention is given to the textualization of the motifs of cosmopolitanism and hybridity.

Martina is the organiser of the “Crossing the Borders: Anglo-Russian Contact-Zones 1880-1940” conference that will take place at Sapienza -University of Rome on 7th October 2016.

Recent publications:

“Converging Orbits: Ford Madox Ford, Russian Paris and the Motifs of Expatriation,” in International Ford Madox Ford Studies (IFMFS) Vol 15 [forthcoming: Brill, 2016]

“Russian Ink In A British Pen: Anglo-Russian Echoes Of Ivan Turgenev’s Aesthetics In Virginia Woolf’s The Years,” ACME (Annali della facoltà di Studi Umanistici dell’Università degli Studi di Milano) 68:2 (2015), pp. 69-86

Review Article: “Sarah Cole, At the Violet Hour. Modernism and Violence in England and Ireland” in Anglica Wratislaviensia LIII (2015)

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