Nicholas Hall

NHNicholas Hall is a PhD candidate at the University of Exeter. He works on inter-war British-Soviet engagement in the Soviet Union, between 1928 and 1939, using the thematic linchpin of ‘sincerity’.

In this period many foreigners visited the USSR, and wrote of their experiences. Taking a cue from numerous British travel accounts that discuss the idea of an ‘unofficial Russia’, he looks at how British travellers perceived their time in the Soviet Union, and sought the truth/s of that place and system. He is particularly interested in how travellers engaged with Soviet citizens, and how encounters between the two had significance in terms of sincerity: how they showcase deceit, storytelling, self-representation, ideology, and concerns with authenticity, be they Soviet or British.

He is an editor of the Anglo-Russian Research Network website. From 2012 to 2018 he was Research Associate to the Isaiah Berlin Literary Trust, Wolfson College, Oxford.


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26 May 2014: Gareth Jones: A man of ‘goodwill’?

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