Reading Groups

In this section, you will find information and materials relating to our previous and forthcoming Reading Groups, held on a termly basis at Pushkin House, Bloomsbury.

The network convenes discussions around key texts (translated from Russian or written in English) that mediate a vital cultural relationship – whether literary, aesthetic, linguistic, economic or political.

Topics of interest include:

  • The translation and reception of Russian literature, film and visual art in Britain.
  • The role of Russian literature, culture and politics in the development of British modernism.
  • Bolshevism and the British left.
  • The reporting and discussion of the Russian Revolution and Soviet Russia in the British press.
  • Internationalism and Soviet Russia.
  • Britons in Russia / Russians in Britain.
  • The development of cold war attitudes and the ‘Iron Curtain’.

Each reading group focuses on a pre-circulated text or texts selected and introduced by a member of the network or an invited expert.

Forthcoming Reading Group

5th October 2018, 5pm: Henry Stead on the Union of Soviet Writers and 1950s Britain

Previous Reading Groups

5 May 2018: Charlotte Alston on Siberia and the British Imagination

1 December 2017: Timothy Phillips on ‘When British Intelligence Saw Battleship Potemkin

12 May 2017: Pauline Fairclough on ‘What Did Cultural Diplomacy Ever Do For Us – and Them? Performing the Musical State in Britain and Russia’

3 March 2017: Claire Davison on ‘Never more close, intimate and cordial’: The ‘Projection of Russia Campaign’ on the BBC Home Service, 1941-45

28 October 2016: Elinor Taylor on James Barke: The Novel, The Nation and the International

4 March 2016: John Connor on Harold Heslop and the Novelists’ International [podcast now available]

27 November 2015: Barbara Emerson on Anglo-Russian Relations in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries [podcast now available]

19 June 2015: Anna Vaninskaya on Russian Foreign Correspondents in Edwardian Britain

20 March 2015: Louise Hardiman on Madame Pogosky

21 November 2014: Ben Harker – Jack Lindsay reads the Short Course

2 May 2014: Simon Dixon on Orthodoxy and Anglicanism in the Nineteenth Century

21 February 2014: Phillipa Burt on Theodore Komisarjevsky

4 October 2013: Kimberley Reynolds on Children’s Literature on the USSR

7 June 2013: Emily Lygo on the Society for Cultural Relations with the Soviet Union

15 February 2013: Michael Hughes on Stephen Graham and Russia

28 November 2012: Angus Wren and Olga Soboleva on George Bernard Shaw and Russia

24 February 2012: Laura Marcus on Soviet Cinema and British Modernism

4 November 2011: Stuart Eagles on John Kenworthy

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