A list of English-language books on Russia and/or the Soviet Union, published in the period 1880-1950. The list is by no means exhaustive: contributions most welcome.

Divided into two sections:

  • Books published in Britain
  • Books published in English in Russia/USSR

 Books published in Britain


Authors: A

  • Adler, Friedrich, The Witchcraft Trial in Moscow (London: Labour Party, 1936)
  • Anon., Britain and the Soviets: The Congress of Peace and Friendship with the USSR (London: Lawrence and Wishart, London, 1936)
  • Anon., For Soviet Britain (London: Communist Party of Great Britain, 1935)
  • Ashmead-Bartlett, Ellis, The Riddle of Russia (London: Cassell, 1929)
  • Atholl, Katherine, Conscription of a People (London: Philip Alan, 1931)

Authors: B

  • Baikaloff, Anatole, In the Land of the Communist Dictatorship (London: Jonathan Cape, 1929)
  • Benn, Ernest, About Russia (London: 1930)
  • Boothby, Robert, I Fight to Live (London: Gollancz, 1947)
  • Burns, Emile, Russia’s Productive System (London: Gollancz, 1930)

Authors: C

  • Carter, Huntley, The New Spirit in the Russian Theatre (London: Brentano’s, 1929)
  • Chamberlin, William Henry, Russia’s Iron Age (London: Duckworth, 1935)
  • Chamberlin, William Henry, A False Utopia: Collectivism in Theory and Practice (London: Duckworth, 1937)
  • Ciliga, Ante, The Russian Enigma (London: Routledge, 1940)
  • Citrine, Walter, I Search for Truth in Russia (London: G. Routledge & Sons, 1936)
  • Cole, G. D. H, The Intelligent Man’s Review of Europe To-Day (London; Gollancz, 1933)
  • Cole, Margaret, Growing up into Revolution (London: Longmans, Green and Co, 1949)
  • Cole, Margaret, Twelve Studies in Soviet Russia (London: Gollancz, 1933)
  • Connolly, Violet, Soviet Tempo: A Journal of Travel in Russia (London: Sheed and Ward, 1938)
  • Cox, Geoffrey, The Red Army Moves (London: Gollancz, 1941)
  • Cumming, A. J., The Moscow Trial (London: Gollancz, 1933)

Authors: D

  • Dangerfield, Elma, Beyond the Urals (London: British League for European Freedom, 1946)
  • Dobb, Maurice, Russian Economic Development since the Revolution (London: Labour Research Department, 1928)
  • Durant, Will, The Lesson of Russia (London: Putnam, 1933)
  • Duranty, Walter, Russia Reported (London: Gollancz, 1934)

Authors: E

  • Edelman, Maurice, How Russia Prepared: USSR Beyond the Urals (London: Penguin, 1942)

Authors: F

  • France, Peter, I Worked in a Soviet Factory (London: Jarrolds, 1939)
  • Friedman, Elisha, Russia in Transition: A Businessman’s Appraisal (London: George Allen and Unwin, 1933)
  • Fülöp-Miller, René, The Mind and Face of Bolshevism: An Examination of Cultural Life in Soviet Russia (London: Putnam, 1927)

Authors: G

  • Gollancz, Victor, Russia and Ourselves (London: Gollancz, 1941)
  • Graham, Stephen, Undiscovered Russia (1912)
  • Graham, Stephen, With the Russian Pilgrims to Jerusalem (1915)
  • Graham, Stephen, Russia in Division (London: Macmillan, 1925)
  • Greenwood, Arthur, Why We Fight: Labour’s Cause (London: Routledge, 1940)
  • Griffith, Hubert (ed.), Playtime in Russia (London: Methuen, 1935)
  • Gurevitch, The Five Year Plan (London: SCR, 1931)

Authors: H

  • Hamilton, Mary Agnes, Sidney and Beatrice Webb: A Study in Contemporary Biography (London: Sampson, Low and Marston, 1932)
  • Henri, Ernst, Hitler Over Russia: The Coming Fight Between the Fascist and Socialist Armies (London: Dent, 1936)
  • Hird, John Wynne, Under Czar and Soviet: My Thirty Years in Russia (London: Hurst and Blackett, 1932)
  • Huxley, Julian, A Scientist Amongst the Soviets (London: Chatto & Windus, 1932)

Authors: J

  • Johnson, Hewlett, The Soviet Sixth of the World (London: Gollancz, 1939)

Authors: L

  • Lansbury, George, What I saw in Russia (London: Leonard Parsons, 1920)
  • Lansbury, Violet, An Englishwoman in the USSR (London: Putnam, 1940)
  • Laski, Harold J., Law and Justice in Soviet Russia (London: Woolf, 1935)
  • London, Géorge, Red Russia After Ten Years (London: Methuen, 1928)
  • Lyall, Archibald, Russian Roundabout: A non-political pilgrimage (London: Harmsworth, 1933)

Authors: M

  • Mann, Tom, Russia in 1921: Report (London: British Bureau, Red International of Labour Unions, 1921)
  • Malnick, Bertha, Everyday Life in Russia (London: G. G. Harrap, 1938)
  • Matthews, Basil, The Clash of World Forces: A Study in Nationalism, Bolshevism and Christianity (London: Edinburgh House Press, 1931)
  • McWilliams, Margaret and Roland, Russia in Nineteen Twenty-Six (London: Dent, 1927)
  • Monkhouse, Allan, Moscow 1911–1933 (London: Gollancz, 1933)
  • Muggeridge, Malcolm, The Thirties: 1930–1940 in Great Britain (London: Hamish Hamilton, 1940)
  • Muggeridge, Malcolm, Winter in Moscow (London: Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1934)

Authors: P

  • Pankhurst, Sylvia, Soviet Russia as I Saw It (London: Workers Dreadnaught Publications, 1921)
  • Pares, Bernard, Moscow Admits a Critic (London: Nelson, 1936)
  • Pollock, John, The Bolshevik Adventure (London: Constable, 1919)
  • Popov, Georgii Konstaninovich, The Tcheka: The Red Inquisition (London: A. M. Philpot, 1925)
  • Pownall, Assheton, The Plain Truth about Russia To-day (London: Westminster, 1924)
  • Price, George Ward, I Know These Dictators (London: Harrap, 1937)

Authors: R

  • Ransome, Arthur, Six Weeks in Russia (London: George Allen and Unwin, 1919)
  • Rothstein, Andrew, Wreckers on Trial (London: Modern Books, 1931)
  • Russell, Bertrand, The Practice and Theory of Bolshevism (London: George Allen and Unwin, 1920)

Authors: S

  • Sarolea, Charles, Impressions of Soviet Russia (London: Eveleigh, Nash and Grayson, 1924)
  • Sergeant, Ernest Noel Copland, The Truth about Religion in Russia (London: Hutchinson, 1944)
  • Sloan, Pat, I Search for the Truth in Citrine (London: Lawrence and Wishart, 1936)
  • Stead, William Thomas, Truth About Russia (London: Cassell, 1888)
  • Strachey, John, The Theory and Practice of Socialism (London: Gollancz, 1936)
  • Strauss, Erich, Soviet Russia (London: Bodley Head, 1941)

Authors: U

  • Utley, Freda, Lost Illusion (London: George Allen and Unwin, 1949)

Authors: V

  • Various, British Labour Delegation to Russia, 1920 (London: British Labour Delegation to Russia, 1920)
  • Various, The Anglo-Russian Report (London: P.S. King, 1925)
  • Vowles, Hugh, Ukraine and Its People (London: Chambers, 1939)

Authors: W

  • Wakefield, John de Vere Loder, Bolshevism in Perspective (London: G. Allen & Unwin, 1931)
  • Webb, Sidney and Beatrice, Soviet Communism: A New Civilisation? (London: Longman Green, 1935)
  • Webb, Sidney and Beatrice, Soviet Communism: A New Civilisation (London: Gollancz, 1937)
  • Wicksteed, Alexander, Life Under the Soviets (London: John Lane, 1928)
  • Wilton, Rovert, Russia’s Agony (London: Edward Arnold, 1918)
  • Winter, Ella, Red Virtue: Human Relationships in the New Russia (London: Gollancz, 1933)
  • Wooton, Barbara, Plan or No Plan (London: Gollancz, 1934)
  • Wright, Richardson Little (ed.), The Bed-Book of Travel (London: J.B. Lippincott, 1931)

Books published in English in Russia/USSR:


Authors: A

  • Anon., Soviet Union, 1936 (Moscow: Co-op Publishing Society of Foreign Workers in the USSR, 1936)
  • Anon., “Seeing Soviet Russia”: The 1935 handbook of travel in the USSR (Welwyn Garden City: Broadwater Press/Intourist, 1935)

Authors: B

  • L. A. Block (ed.), A Pocket Guide to the Soviet Union (Moscow: Vneshtorgisdat, 1932)
  • Boross, F. L., Life and Work in the Soviet Union (Moscow: Co-op Publishing Society of Foreign Workers in the USSR, 1934)

Authors: G

  • Gosplan, Summary of the Fulfilment of the First-Five-Year Plan for the Development of the National Economy of the USSR (Moscow: State Planning Commission of the USSR, 1933)



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