Periodicals and pamphlets

A list of English-language periodicals that often contained articles on Russia and/or the Soviet Union, published in the period 1880-1950.  Pamphlets, by their nature, tended to be focused on a single issue or theme. The list is by no means exhaustive: contributions most welcome.

Divided into two sections:

  • Periodicals
  • Pamphlets

Periodicals from the period:

  • Action, Adelphi
  • Labour Monthly
  • New Statesman

Pamphlets from the period:

  • Anon., The Plain Truth about Russia Today (London: Conservative Party, 1924)
  • Anglo-Polish Christian Circle, ‘The Freedom of Nations and of Men’ (1944)
  • British League for European Freedom, Leaflets No. 1-18 (1944-1946)
  • British League for European Freedom, ‘63 Days: The Story of the Warsaw Uprising’ (1945)
  • Scottish League for European Freedom, ‘Oppressed Europe Speaks’ (1946)
  • Sword of the Spirit, ‘Eastern Catholics under Soviet Rule’ (1946)
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